Annual Report and Accounts 2011

Corporate Responsibility

We seek to be a responsible organisation and to make positive social, environmental and economic contributions to the regions in which we operate.

2011 highlights

In addition to the achievements listed in the UK Housing section, we have:

  • Developed a comprehensive Community Led Planning strategy and trained 219 employees in active listening, communication and engagement skills
  • Committed £130.2 million to infrastructure, community facilities, education and schools, jobs, businesses and social housing
  • Donated £211k to charity and continued our extensive involvement with a wide range of charitable and community organisations

Increasing environmental sustainability

During 2011 we developed an Energy and Carbon Strategy that has identified significant areas for annual energy and carbon cost saving opportunities within Taylor Wimpey and our supply chain. We also instigated a major review of the environmental practices of our offices, site compounds and sales areas. In addition, we set up a working group to identify further non-financial metrics. The first new metrics that we have committed to measure are office, site and plot water use as well as soil to landfill.

Our executive incentive scheme continues to include an environmental criterion, which applies to all UK, divisional and regional senior management teams. A significant element of incentive payment relates to construction waste in order to encourage waste reduction and improved resource use.

Evaluating our progress

Priorities   Progress   Status   Targets for 2012
Our homes and

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  • Launched ‘About Taylor Wimpey’, a Web site providing extensive information for local government and communities.
  • Developed a community engagement framework for use on all new developments.
  • Reduced waste by 18% since 2010 and 53% since 2007.
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  • Continue to focus on improving our approach to community engagement.
  • Further develop the ‘About Taylor Wimpey’ Web site.
  • Introduce a Building For Life process to ensure that we build increasingly sustainable homes and communities.
Our customers
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  • Redesigned our customer Web site to provide significantly more information for existing and potential customers.
  • Developed new signage for sales centres including energy efficiency and sustainability performance.
  • Started to develop a major training programme for our sales teams.
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  • Continue to focus on effectively delivering our Customer Journey and improving customer service.
  • Introduce the new signage into our sales centres.
  • Continue to develop our new sales and marketing training before launching it throughout the UK.
Our people Diagram displaying strategy stage  
  • Introduced new Diversity and Anti-Corruption policies, updated our Protected Disclosure Policy.
  • Ran our Circle Management Training and developed a coaching and mentoring programme.
  • Reduced our UK reportable RIDDOR injuries by 24% when compared with 2010.
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  • Conduct a UK employee survey and undertake an audit of the diversity of our employees.
  • Introduce a major new health and safety training and awareness initiative encouraging collective responsibility.
  • Further reduce the number of RIDDOR reportable injuries by 5% in 2012.
Our partners Diagram displaying strategy stage  
  • Updated our Supply Chain policy.
  • Engaged with suppliers to ensure safe delivery and vehicle offloading at our sites.
  • Worked in partnership with our 12 largest suppliers to reduce packaging waste.
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  • Vet all suppliers in terms of health and safety to ensure they still comply with our requirements.
  • Introduce a zero tolerance policy on safe delivery and vehicle offloading.
  • Continue to work with our 12 largest suppliers on reducing packaging waste.

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